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Join today to enjoy all the benefits of 7OTB. As well as being able to browse our blogs and watch all the live football line-ups, scores and scorers, bookings and results, you’ll be able to play the game that everyone is talking about.

Step 2 - Select 7 teams

To play, simply select six teams to win and one to draw, from any of the top five English and top three Scottish Leagues. Score points and compete with friends and family across the country. Find out more on our How To Play page.

Step 3 - Compete with your friends in our Team Competition

You can play 7OTB on your own if you prefer, but the most exciting 7OTB experience is being part of a Team in our Team Competition. Create or join a Team with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 players, and compete against your friends or workmates and challenge other Teams. The more players in your Team, the better your chances will be, with your top 10 players’ scores counting each week.

Step 4 - Win prizes individually and in our Team Competition

Every week, the best Team combined score in the country is eligible to win £1,500. The best individual score on the Weekly Competition Leaderboard is also eligible to win £500, the runner-up is eligible to win £300, and the third-placed player is eligible to win £200.

If you get all seven of your selections correct, seven weeks in a row, you are eligible to win £500,000!

Latest News And Reports

28 - 03 - 2017

No cup games this week (Quarter-finals are in week 35), so we go straight to the winners:

21 - 03 - 2017

A whopping 66 people got 7 this week. Yes, 66. Some would call that a shed-load. That is some sized shed- more of a bus-load or the back end of a Ryanair plane. Now these 66 try next week to do it again in the quest for £500,000.

Blog 7OTB 26
14 - 03 - 2017

Welcome, Donna, nice to meet you. I see you've played every week since the start of the season, so many congratulations. As Rafa The Spanish Butler is now a free man after his unfortunate Wembley antics with Zlatan, I’ll have him rustle us up a couple of cocktails.