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Paddy's Weekly Report - Week 22


Individual Competition

Hello footy fans.

Well, 40 people found 6 wins and a draw from the 29 games available last week. So all 40 are one step closer to £500,000. Had you backed them at Betfred you would already be quids in. But we give away £2,500 and a retro football shirt every week as well, so let’s get down to this week’s winners.

The best score in the country was 30, which was enough to gain Spudly this week’s top individual prize of £500. Now at the Urban Dictionary, Spudly is defined as “Being as dense, dumb or downright stupid”. This is obviously not the case here as he beat the entire country.

Personally I love a good spud, mashed, roasted or just boiled. Many a night has been had on the couch with a good film and some spuds. Ah, comfort food for sure. Now had Spudly gone with Spudman, then the Urban Dictionary says “The alibi of a strikingly handsome individual with super human powers that are too many to mention“ - now that is more like it. Some of my friends call me Spud - I hope it’s for my handsome looks not because I am Irish. Anyway enough of Spud talk.

Five people were tied on 29 points, which most weeks would win you £500, but there can only be a 2nd and 3rd this week. After goal difference and then goals scored were calculated there was a tie between Jille28 and kieronhenry11 - both had 23 goals for and 6 against. So they share 2nd and 3rd with £250 each.

Now Jille28 on our system shows that they ticked the male box on gender choice but their first name is Jill, so not sure what’s going on there, but who cares –we don’t at 7otb  - spend the cash in Topshop or Topman and let us know or we will all be left wondering. The other £250 goes to KieronHenry11. Now before all the legal eagles get their drawers in a twist, Kieron is not 11. He is old enough to go to the pub, which is what he may do with his £250 - while you’re there, Kieron, make a night of it and have some spuds. Maybe invite Jille28 along - it could be the first 7otb romance.  

Retro Shirt winner 

This week and for the rest of the season as long as you have made your selections we will randomly pick one person for a retro shirt up to a value of £100 from the brilliant company classicfootballshirts.co.uk. This week’s winner is -Pierre - so with that username I suspect he might go for a little French number or PSG - Danny from classic shirts will be in touch to sort you out. 

Team Competition

This week’s top 6 in reverse order were Balotellitubbies, Sisterofsport, Sheffield Rangers Mums , Egi , The Real Cherry Spliits and top of the pile -  Taking The Pass.

After checking their individual player’s entries we are more than happy that Taking The Pass were not taking something else. So for the 2nd time this season they collect £1,500. The last time they won their intrepid manager gave an interview to Q&A when he confessed that most of their mob were from up North, but some were from below the Watford gap. He wasn't too kind towards his southern cousins, in fact Bet Dodd said "we all know you can’t trust a Southerner”, so I hope "Taking The Pass draw one of the Croydon teams in the soon to be announced 7otb Private Team FA-Style Cup to be played later in the season.

They take no prisoners, them lads.  But leaving aside his geographical personal prejudices he was spot on about Alan Pardew being relieved of his duties at Selhurst Park. I am sure Bet Dodd was even happier when he was replaced by the good old-fashioned honest Northerner Big Sam. What Bet Dodd needs to do is get some folk around from North and South of the country and have a little party. Put plenty of spuds on the table and peace and harmony will take over. 

Going back to the spuds for a second, next time you have a hangover have a Crisp Sandwich. Sort you out no worries at all and if you can get your hands on some of the Tayto brand then double sorted. 

I can see a Nobel peace nomination coming my way.


Top 6 selected win teams

Aldershot Town (won 2-1)
Bradford City (won 2-0)
Dover Athletic (2-2)
Scunthorpe United (won 3-2)
Sheff United (won 4-2)
Stevenage (won 3-1)

Top selected Draws

Braintree Town v Chester (1-2)
Bristol Rovers v Northampton (5-0, close)
Colchester United v Carlisle (4-1)
Hartlepool United v Grimsby (0-1)
Raith Rovers v Falkirk (1-4)
Swindon Town v Shrewsbury (1-1)

Bonus point for 4 goal plus margin

Bristol Rovers (5-0)
Forest Green Rovers (5-1)
Dagenham & Redbridge (4-0)

The big leagues are back in play this week. Plus, remember all you have to do is get your selections in before 2.45 next Saturday and you are in the draw for the retro shirt of your choice, not to mention the individual weekly £500, £300 and £200 prizes. If you’re in a team, then you also have the chance of the £1,500 weekly give-away. Right that is my lot till next week and remember if you’re not in you can’t win.

Time for some spuds, Ted. 

Paddy the Shadow 

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