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Winners' Q&A - Week 21

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Individual Competition

Rafa The Spanish Butler ferries Q&A in the Bentley to sunny Bootle, where he meets Joey G, this week’s individual 1st prize winner:

Joey G, only your 2nd week and you've grabbed The Big One on goal difference – it was very tight at the top as my Irish chum Paddy has outlined in his frisky Weekly Report.

New Year weekend 2016/17 will forever be etched in your memory, like a dodgy drunken tattoo, only in a good way. Thoughts on disposing of the fistful of fivers?

This win has actually come at the right time, Q&A, as I'm due to pay the balance of my son's forthcoming honeymoon to New York in April.

Q&A is quietly stunned by this generosity,  but keeps his concerns to himself. It’s a free country, just about.

Where are you based, and who's your team? Which team do you really not like (this may be obvious from your team)?

My team is Liverpool, and obviously I do not have a soft spot for either Everton or Man United.

Q&A ponders the seemingly endless supply of Liverpool fans winning prizes. Ah, well...

Apart from the cash, Joey, what's the best bit about 7otb?

Absolutely buzzin’ at my win on 7otb, just came across it by pure accident, brilliant game, have already recommended it to my work colleagues as we have a league on Sky Sport’s Super 6.

As Q&A has said before, 7otb is the thinking person’s Super 6.

If you could change one thing about football in this country, what would it be? Feel free to be controversial if you wish.

The refereeing is too often rubbish – I mean, Mike Dean last night... and much more needs to be done for grassroots football- it’s the basis of our national game, after all.

Quite so, Joey G, quite so. Rafa, to the Q&A-mobile and the home counties!

Team Competition

At great personal expense, Q&A settled into his private biplane piloted by Rafa The Spanish Butler and flew to Valencia, where Jack, manager of this week’s Team winners Reality Cheque, is scouring La Liga’s lesser-known talents during the transfer window.

Hola, El Jacko, it's Groundhog Day - Reality Cheque have edged out Frankie Went To Hollywood yet again....a repeat of week 12. Kind words may not help ease the existential pain this time.....although Q&A knows the teams have close links. Have you ever thought of having some of those two-team scarves made up, or is that just naff?

Nah, we prefer to keep this more of an old school rivalry, strictly business...

Atta boy....can’t wait for the Frankie backlash though....

This week was an all-time record for entries, so you guys must be feeling about as smug as Q&A when he watches Rafa emptying the dishwasher for him. How do you manage to stay grounded in your everyday lives? Must be kind of a Batman/Bruce Wayne struggle thing.

We just do everything we can to make ourselves feel as human as possible, including at least one training session a week as a team.. usually in the local boozer, first person to down 10 pints wins!

Alfred has told Rafa that’s pretty much Bruce Wayne’s MO, too.

Let's get all Meg The Mystic- who's going to win the top five English Leagues this season? If you get four out of five, Q&A will lend you Rafa for a whole weekend. He does most odd jobs well; just don't ask him for dietary advice.

Chelsea, Newcastle, Sheffield Utd, Carlisle Utd and Lincoln City... I'll make sure I have a pile of dishes ready for his arrival...

He’s got the Marigolds out already, Jack.

What's worse- Arsene's dodgy full-length puffa coat or Gareth Southgate's schoolboy v-neck and tie combos?

Got to be Arsene’s 3 person long puffa, at least Southgate makes an effort to look smart!

Q&A agrees. The ever-cheerful Frenchman can’t even master his extra-long zip.  Thanks, El Jacko, good luck on the talent hunt.

Rafa – to the biplane and home, amigo!

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