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Winners' Q&A - Week 22

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Team Competition

Rafa, take that signed photo of Eric Cantona off the wall and open the wall safe- Q&A requires a fistful of fifties for Captain BD, a repeat guest to Q&A Towers.

BD, nice to see you again- you've arrived exactly at the cocktail hour (we did see you hiding behind the beech hedge for the last two hours BTW) - are you a G and T man, or would you prefer something more exotic?

Hey Q&A, the plan was for a dry January but after the Take the Pass team were victorious this week, then this may have to take a rain check until at least February. One of our team members is a fully fledged Geordie... he's recommended a round of 'Geordie Shandy' - 1/2 pint of Newcastle Brown Ale, topped up with Smirnoff Ice. Haway the lads!

BD, Rafa The Spanish Butler has just fainted. Sensitive old fellow.

Taking The Pass have won the competition twice now in the last five weeks- you're the 7th team to win more than once, according to Q&A's stats.  Will fame change you, do you think? Q&A has seen so many captains in your position take to drink and wild living.

We are well aware what fame can do to us mere mortals... Keith Gillespie squandered his fame on booze and betting, Macaulay Culkin couldn't even hack being Home Alone never mind a 7OTB Victory... we will stick together as a team and stay as grounded as possible, we have our sights firmly set on team win #3, watch this space Q&A

Respect, BD, respect.

The last time we talked, you mentioned Alan Pardew. Well, five weeks is a long time in football, isn't it? Oddly enough, Rafa has just engaged a fellow called Pardew (he prefers 'Pards' apparently) to muck out the stables. I do love a coincidence!

Last time we were speaking I did tell you he’d be the next manager that would get the boot, he’d been pushing his luck for some time had our Alan. Hopefully Big Sam can come in and steady the Palace ship.  

Ah yes, ‘Honest’ Big Sam...Rafa pretends to know a bit about football and says this Pards fellow is no relation...but Q&A has watched him swinging his hips whistling ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in the stables, so has his doubts....

Imagine Taking The Pass as an actual playing team- what would your strip look like and which position would suit you best?

I like to think the Captain should be a centre back and as such a strong leader of this team, I would have to put myself centre half to rally the troops, even though I am horrendous at football.

And we are all fairly simple so would probably go for a boring black and white kit and show Newcastle how to pull it off and win the Prem. Would even give our pal Kevin Keegan a ring and see if he fancied managing us….“I would love it we beat them.”

A meltdown almost worthy of Charlie Sheen, BD. 

Individual Competition

Spudly, this is your 14th attempt by my reckoning and it's jackpot time - you must feel a bit like Moses parting the Red Sea, or at least quite chuffed- any plans for the wedge?

Well, Q&A, I’ve a few basics to sort out after Xmas, but will waste the rest wisely.

If I lent you Rafa my Spanish Butler for a day, what would you do with him? He's quite handy, if a little idle.

Nice idea! If he cooks, I could murder a paella. If not, just the basics: housework, clear the drains, re-grout the shower, vacuum the car, go to Sainsbury’s, that sort of thing. Gives me more time to write my book about spuds. Its working title is ‘Potatoes Through The Ages’.

Where are you from, and who's your team, and what are they missing this season?Sorry to be nosy.

I’m in Devon, Q&A, and follow Plymouth Argyle. We’re in second with a game in hand, so not missing a lot right now.  I also have a soft spot for Man United.

Who doesn’t, Spudly, who doesn’t. (Don’t all write in, now). And good luck in the replay and with promotion, Spudly!

Changing the subject, are you a big fan of Dry January, as I believe it's called? Q&A has a friend who is undertaking the heroic feat.

I’ve done two consecutive dry January the 1sts, if that counts?

That is two more than Q&A, Spudly and certainly more than Rafa The Spanish Butler, who chug-a-lugs Rioja most mornings after bringing me breakfast, although he thinks Q&A doesn’t notice his wine cellar emptying.

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