Meet the 7OTB Team

Ledley King – CEO

Footballing Legend Ledley King needs no introduction. As the company’s Chief Executive, Ledley’s key responsibilities include the day to day management of the 7otb office. Ledley will be spending much of his time developing a support programme to help grassroots teams all over the UK. If your team has a story you would like Ledley to know about or share, contact us at:

Melvyn Gandz -  FCA – Corporate Advisor

One of the senior partners at BSG Valentine, a top 100 UK firm of Chartered Accountants, Melvyn represents and advises many of the UK’s top footballers and sportspersons. He is widely regarded as a leading sports industry accountant with experience in major ‘on field and off field transactions’.  At 7otb Melvyn is the principal advisor to the corporate team In respect of all sponsorship arrangements in addition to 7otb’s commercial contracts. He will work with the directors and corporate lawyers on business strategy. If you have a commercial proposal that you would like 7otb to consider, please contact us at:

Greg Miles - Head of Social Media and Player Engagement

Greg joined 7otb at the start of the 2016/17 football season. A journalist and also a senior member of the 7otb team, Greg’s principal responsibilities include creating relevant content and up to the minute news feeds to all 7otb’s social channels. As one of the North East’s most successful young entrepreneurs, Greg founded the acclaimed ‘Bumbl’, one of the country’s leading social media marketing agencies. If you have a story you would like Greg to share, get in touch:

Joshua Kavanagh - Head of Public Relations

Joshua joined 7otb at the start of the 2017/18, relocating to London from Switzerland to take this senior position. Responsibilities include advising the CEO and the management team on promoting 7otb in the UK. Joshua also runs the press office and works closely with the country’s main broadcasters and new media platform providers. For television, radio, and press interviews or location filming with Ledley King, contact Joshua at

Amy King - Head of Communications

There is always a lot happening at 7otb! Amy’s responsibilities include acting as the brand strategist and our corporate and special events manager. If you would like Ledley to host your corporate event or attend a special function, please contact Amy at

7otb will be going ‘on tour’ from September 2017 with a host of football personalities and surprise guests who will be talking ‘all things football’. If you would Amy to schedule a visit to your city or town, get in touch. We may include where you live on our tour schedule