• Is 7OTB free to play?

    Yes, totally free.

  • How do I register?

    Click here and create your profile, username and password. It’s quick and easy to do.

  • Can I make more than one set of selections?

    No. Only one Profile is allowed per player, and we will close multiple Profiles.

    You may join one 7OTB Team using your unique username and password, or you may simply play as an individual if you wish.

    You may leave a 7OTB Team and join another 7OTB Team at any point during the season if you wish.

    Only one weekly entry per 7OTB Team is allowed per person. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that multiple Profiles have been opened by or are under the control of the same person, all such Profiles will be closed, and all entries and Profiles will be disqualified from participating or winning any of the 7OTB prizes on offer.

  • What can I win?

    Every week, the best 7OTB Team combined score in the country is eligible to win £700.

    Every week, we also award an individual prize: the best individual score on the Players Weekly League is eligible to win £250.

    If you get all seven of your selections correct, four weeks in a row, you are eligible to win £1,000,000! The £1,000,000 jackpot is offered only once each season. [Further details may be found in the 7OTB Terms & Conditions, clause 4.9]

  • If I win a 7OTB prize, how do I get paid?

    We will contact you using the email or mobile contact details you provided when registering. We will also require you to verify your age at this point.

    We aim to process prize payments within 10 working days at latest, once you have responded to our email or call, but usually payments will be made more quickly.

  • Which games can I choose from?

    You can make your selections from any games listed on the Play Now page- and don’t forget the drop-down menu!

  • When do I have to submit my predictions?

    Entries close at 2.45pm on Saturday afternoons.

  • Can I change my selections?

    You may change your selections up until 2.45pm on Saturday afternoons.

  • How do I play and score points?

    Make your 7 selections:

    Select 1 Banker (the team you most strongly feel will win), plus 5 more to Win. Then add 1 Draw.

    Point Scoring:

    Your Banker scores 4 for a Win, 0 for a Draw, and -1 (minus 1) if it loses.

    Your other Win selections score 3 for a win, 1 if they draw, and 0 if they lose.

    Your Draw selection scores 4 if correct, 0 if not.

    Goals bonus:

    If any of your 6 Win selections win by 4 clear goals, you score an additional 1 point.

    If any of your 6 Win selections win by 6 clear goals, you score an additional 2 points.

    Overall bonuses:

    If all your 6 Win selections win, you score an additional 3 points.

    If all your 6 Win selections win, and your Draw is also correct, you score an additional 4 points in total.

    Postponed games:

    Players will receive 2 points for each postponed game.

  • What are 7OTB Teams?

    7OTB Teams consist of a team of between 5 and 7 players – workmates, friends, family – you choose. You can join or create a 7OTB Team using your unique username and password. Each week, the top five players’ scores in a 7OTB Team count toward the 7OTB Team’s combined score. If more than five players have the same points total, the top five player scores are determined as follows:

    1) Cumulative goal difference;

    2) Then goals scored;

    3) Then the timestamp of when the player’s selections were made, with the earliest timestamp of the last player to make their selections separating the scores – so get your selections in early!

    Please note that each 7OTB Team member must make their selections independently (see also our Terms and Conditions clause 3.6).

  • How do I follow my 7OTB Teammates?

    If you are in a 7OTB Team, you will also be able to see your 7OTB Teammates’ selections after 2.45pm on Saturdays.

  • What is the 7OTB Team League?

    The 7OTB Team League consists of every 7OTB Team throughout the UK and Ireland, and records their scores as the season progresses.

  • How is the £700 7OTB Team Competition Winner decided in the event of a tie?

    If Teams are tied on points, the winning 7OTB Team is determined as follows:

    1) The 7OTB Team with the most points from their total selections wins the Prize.

    2) If that does not produce a clear winner, we calculate each 7OTB Team’s aggregated goal difference (the 7OTB Team total of goals scored minus goals conceded).

    3) In the event that this still does not produce a clear winner, we calculate the total of the goals scored across each of the 7OTB Team’s players’ Win selections, and the 7OTB Team with the highest total number of goals scored wins the Prize. (The Draw does not count for this calculation).

    4) If two or more 7OTB Teams are still tied, the 7OTB Team(s) whose final individual player(s) selections were submitted and received by 7OTB latest in the week preceding that week’s competition compared to the other tied team(s) will be the loser(s). The official timestamp of receipt held by 7OTB will be used to determine the winner.

  • How is the Weekly Individual Prize Winner decided in the event of a tie?

    If more than one player scores the same points in any week, the following system is used - the player with the most points wins the prize. If that does not produce a clear winner, we use the three-step sequence described in What Are 7OTB Teams? above.

  • How do I win the Jackpot Prize?

    In order to win the £1,000,000 Jackpot Prize, the following applies: each week your selections must be submitted by 2.45pm on a Saturday.

    You must successfully select all 7 selections over 4 consecutive weeks. If in any week you don’t manage to select all 7 selections correctly, the following week you revert back to week one of the rolling 4- week sequence. In other words, you go back to square one and start again.

    The first person to achieve all the required 7 selections, 4 weeks in a row, will be deemed the winner. If this is achieved by 2 or more people on the same week the Prize will be split.

    See 7OTB Terms & Conditions clause 4.9 for more details, and note especially that in the event that any selections you make relate to games that are postponed in any week for any reason, your selections in that week will not be counted towards the Jackpot Prize, but if you are already on a Jackpot Prize winning streak, you are not penalised as the following week counts as the next in your potential winning sequence.

    This Jackpot Prize is offered only once each season.

  • Can I register from anywhere in the world?

    Sorry, no. To be eligible for prizes you must be a legal resident of the UK or the Republic Of Ireland.

  • What happens when matches are postponed?

    All postponed games count as two points, but remember that you can change your selections up until 2.45pm on a Saturday.

  • How do I find out how I did?

    To see how you and/or your Team stand in relation to others, check the 2017-18 7OTB Players and Team League Tables.

  • How do I change my details?

    Log in and go to My Profile.

  • Can I change my username?

    No, at the moment this is not possible.

  • Terms & Conditions

  • I have an account query, where can I find help?

    Please check these FAQs, which should answer your question. If these do not answer your question, contact us on hello@7otb.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • How can I contact you?

    Visit our Contact us page.