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7 Of The Best Players to Ever Play For Man United

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7: Roy Keane

His sharp tongue might often have been a bone of contention, but Roy Keane's demeanour on a football field always told its own story.

The toughest of nuts to crack, he demanded excellence from everyone around him and more often than not had the leadership quality to coax the very best out of his contemporaries. A general as much as a footballer, Keane had the drive and fight that few others in the game could even hope to match. He left Old Trafford with 17 winner's medals and a whole heap of grudging respect from opponents across the world. 

6: Ronaldo

He may have gone on to become one of the best two players in the world since signing for Real Madrid, but it was at Manchester United that Ronaldo laid the foundations for his superstardom. Arriving as a skinny kid with spangly hair, the Portuguese spent six years at Old Trafford dazzling United fans with amazing skills, fantastic finishing and thrilling pieces of play that live long in the memory. His 42-goal campaign in 2007-08 led United to a domestic and European double, and he remains a club idol 8 years on from his departure.

5: Eric Cantona

Did any player ever have as big an impact on a football club in so short a space of time? Eric Cantona remains a Manchester United icon despite spending less than five years at Old Trafford. His effect on a team desperately looking to end 26 years without a league title was immediate, with his wonderful artistry in the final third helping United to break down previous mental and physical barriers. His string of key goals in narrow wins helped the Reds overcome Newcastle to win the 1996 league title, and he won Premier League medals in all four of the seasons he ended on the pitch. Cantona had the style, passion, temperament and grace of a maverick genius. 

4: Dennis Law

Denis Law may have been a finisher of outstanding quality but in truth he was a far more complete player than that. His ability on the ball was something to behold, boasting both the passing and dribbling of a top-of-the-range midfielder.

Rightly regarded as perhaps the greatest Scottish footballer ever, Law remains the highest scorer in a single season for Manchester United thanks to his 46 goals in 1963-64. One third of the famed 'Holy Trinity', Law was one of the icons of a wonderful decade for Manchester United.

3: George Best

George Best's ability on a football pitch was matched only by his appeal off it. "If I'd been born ugly, you'd never have heard of Pele," the great Northern Irishman once joked, but it was a reflection of both the player he was and the player he could have become. With the natural technical ability most footballers could only dream of, Best was a sheer delight to watch and few people who saw him play don't have a story relating to his brazenness on the ball. His 179 goals in 11 years at Old Trafford tell only a fraction of the story of Best's impact on the game. 

2: Ryan Giggs

He started as a fearless winger with pace to burn and ended almost a quarter of a century later as a midfield mainstay, a leader and a manager in the making. In between times Ryan Giggs won a record 34 trophies including 13 Premier League titles.

His staying power in one of the greatest club sides of all time bears comparison with any player in football history, and his record of 963 United appearances is unlikely to ever be matched. He will undoubtedly be remembered best for THAT goal against Arsenal which sent United on their way to the famous treble of 1999.

United’s greatest ever player: Bobby Charlton

Just 16 months after making his United debut Bobby Charlton lost eight of his team-mates in the Munich air tragedy, an experience that he still thinks about every single day. Yet he still went on to score 249 goals in 758 appearances for the club which now goes hand in hand with his name.

He became the epitome of United's struggle back to the top, thanks to his elegant style of play and his unmatched determination to succeed. He netted with great regularity as Sir Matt Busby went about rebuilding the club on the way to their 1968 European Cup triumph. To this day, Sir Bobby remains a Manchester United legend.

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