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Harley's Big Day at Wembley

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Last season we ran a competition to win two Club Wembley tickets to the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal. The lucky winner was April from Basildon, who gave the tickets to her son Harley (7) and his dad Joe. Here's how the big day panned out in April's words.

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Harley and Joe got the pleasure of enjoying the day out at the FA cup final. My son is a massive Chelsea fan, so was rooting for them on the day. It was actually Harley's birthday the day before so we gave him the tickets on his birthday. He was completely overwhelmed and could not believe he actually had tickets for the FA CUP FINAL!

Upon arriving at Wembley, Harley and his dad made their way up to the stadium via stadium way, where Harley was able to purchase Chelsea t-shirts and a program. Once inside Club Wembley Harley was taken to get a characteristic sketch done of himself. Having had a great big pizza for lunch they were now ready to be taken to their seats.

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They were given flags to wave throughout the game and Harley said the atmosphere was amazing!!! He said there were lots of singing from both sets of fans.

Harley said he jumped up and cheered really loudly when Chelsea scored! Despite his team losing, he had the most amazing day and will remember seeing his team play in the FA cup final for the rest of his life! (It was the best birthday present ever, he said).

We cannot thank 7 of the Best and their team enough. You made a little boys dream of seeing their team play come true! So a great big thank you from us and definitely from Harley!


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